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Graphic Design/Marketing

It's Your Brand.  It's Your Corporate Identity

What does your name, brand, and image say about you? Everything.  This is your corporate identity.  We will help you create your identity, look, and style through the use of graphic design and marketing. We will design your logos, website, colour schemes, video and audio to give your brand a mood and feel which is clear and standardized. A Recognizable brand is worth it’s weight in gold and worth the time and effort put into creating it. Why trust a non professional to design your identity when it isn’t their expertise? Your style is who you are, and don’t trust it to someone unqualified!

Logo Design

A logo is the most important part of your website, flyer, brochure, form, business card, and any other graphic design work. Why grab a logo from a logo generator on a free website, when the same style is being utilized by thousands of other businesses? You are unique and so should your logo.

Colour Schemes

Your choice of colours matters!  Colours convey mood, feeling, and contribute to how recognizable your brand is.

A consistent look and feel

Having a consistent look and feel conveys professionalism from web design to print media.  Font Styles, sizes, and colours for printing are all important.

Your Corporate Identity on the Iphone

Graphic Design

From flyer and sign design to photos and other marketing material, we have you covered.

Facebook and Online Marketing

Online marketing is fast becoming the best way to advertise, reaching people on tablets, phones, and computers.  For only dollars a day you can have your own AD campaign which is guaranteed to reach potential customers!

Traditional Print ADS

Even though print ADS are not as popular as they once were ,they are still important in reaching potential customers.  Flyers, Newspaper ADS, Signs, and other traditional forms of advertising they give that personal hands-on approach, especially when creating coupons and promotions!