New Podcast Coming Soon!

I know it has been awhile everyone since I have published an episode on the Media Channels Podcast. But don’t fret, there is a reason for this!! Since the last official Halloween Episode (26) myself, Rasto and Ken have decided on going a different direction. The media channels podcast was originally supposed to be a tech podcast only but it ended up being a movie review podcast. I didn’t want to confuse my audience thus the idea for Unsung Cinematics was born!! Since we were already reviewing mostly lesser known films we decided to continue on this journey and will be hosting a weekly podcast instead. Three episodes have already been recorded, and we plan to record two more before official launch. Some loose ends still need to be taken care of before we launch near the end of February. Please stay tuned as more information will come out in the following weeks. In the mean time we will tease you with our new podcast page (still a work in progress) at

As a side note I will still be doing the Media Channels Podcast and Tutorials on Youtube, just much less frequently. Migration of Media Channels is also in the process….

Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding.

Stewart Rathje