Web Solutions, Production and Alternative Media

Since 2016 Multee Media Corp. has been providing affordable digital media services in Thunder Bay and Ontario. In the digital realm things never stay the same. As we move forward it is apparent that the digital space has changed considerably. More and more individuals are moving to mobile devices, using alternative social media, starting YouTube Channels, hosting a podcast, and even using bitcoin.

At Multee Media Corp. we realize the challenges associated with privacy concerns, unsolicited hacks, and copyright issues that go along with being connected digitally. Understanding these challenges can be daunting, but rest assured we have you covered!

Web Solutions

Websites are an essential element in digital promotion and without a website you are loosing ground to your competitors. Google is still the biggest marketing platform on the planet and if you aren't seen by a Google search engine you probably aren't being seen.

Our websites are WordPress based, and we use a well known template builder for your custom solution. To be successful online you need many things and who better to trust than an experienced professional at Multee Media Corp.

Media Production

Did you know that digital video and audio are fast outgrowing all other forms of communication? Our world is becoming more and more connected via the internet, and it is hard to ignore this development. As traditional forms of media are being replaced with its digital counterpart you don't want to be left behind.

Our media production solutions include video promotion, conferencing, live streaming your event or church service, podcast recording/editing, and even photography services. YES we do have a green screen setup, production studio and even some of our clients still get CDs and DVDs produced of their production.

our Studio

The studio is able to accommodate video production, live streaming, recording podcasts, audio books, product photography, zoom/skype conferences and more!

You can either book the studio space independently (your own equipment) or book the studio with required technical personal to oversee the project.

We have onsite:

  • Cameras & Recording Gear
  • Light
  • Backdrops
  • Microphones
  • Audio Gear & Recording Equipment
  • A Projector, Stationary and Mobile TV
  • Stands and other accessories.
  • A conference, gathering area, that can double as a green room or location to have remote meetings.

Come book a tour now to explore your next project.

Alternative Media

With all the changes in our current digital space as of late, Multee Media Corp. has branched out into other alternative forms of media distribution.

Blockchain technologies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dogecoin are becoming more and more mainstream as a way to accept payment(s) or distribute funds. Accepting bitcoin as payment is just the beginning! New technologies based on the blockchain have emerged such as privacy centered distributed video platforms and social media websites. These technologies are resistant and sometimes even immune to the meddling and censorship of big tech giants and government entities.

In 2021 you can no longer exclusively trust your data and media solutions with the big players in the industry. Let us help you setup your organization so that your systems are secure, private and connected digitally in a secure way. At Multee Media Corp. every implementation is done on a case by case basis depending on the needs of the person and or organization.


Technical Support

Each one of our main services has a number of technical aspects and issues associated with it that can be daunting to undertake if you aren't prepared or have the known how. Planning out the technical side of your production or service is very important, but when it doesn't go according to plan who do you call?

Multee Media Corp. has the tools to address issues that can come from broken or hacked websites, hosting or performance problems, poor quality audio and video, conferencing support, cabling problems, livestream issues or many other caveats that always seem to crop up at the worst possible time.  Give us a call and we would be more than happy to setup an appointment or come visit your location.

Productions and tutorials

Multee Media Corp. has produced a number of productions for clients and also for ourselves. From video tutorials, live streams, podcasts and more!

Studiostation.XYZ has been setup as a permanent website for podcasts, Youtube Channels, audio, or other media hosting. Get an dedicated webpage at an affordable monthly price today!


We use Brand Name Products

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All services (including studio time) can booked in advance by appointment only via phone or email.