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Digital Promotions for a Digital Age

Multee Media Corp. is here to provide you with affordable digital promotions to help promote yourself or your business. There are so many do it yourself alternatives out there, but do they really deliver any value? What happens if something goes wrong with your website? Do you really have the time to figure this out for yourself? What about search engine optimization and social media? Should I produce a video or get my product photographed? If you are lucky the 'other guys' first language is English. Ever notice how these big corporations try to get rid you off the line as quickly as possible and then end up providing incorrect information? We have the answers to your questions. Contact Multee Media Corp. today!

Media and digital promotions accelerate at generating awareness of your idea or product. Creating an interest in your brand or product is not an easy thing to accomplish. We will help you identify what matters most to you and your business. When you consult with us we have a plan for you! These steps can include:

  • Consultation session to determine your needs.
  • Recommend actions that should be taken.
  • Deliver a product that is suitable and affordable.

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Web Design Services

Web Design Services

1 Page Website only $299!

Websites are the entry point for digital promotion. Without a website you are loosing ground to your competitors. From initial design to the final product your needs are met. To be successful online you need many things and who better to trust than an experienced professional, because your grandma certainly doesn't understand! Click the button below to view your custom WordPress solution today.

Media Production Services

Media Production

Do you need a YouTube or promotional video for your startup or established business? Cost effective videos, product photography, video tutorials, live event recording, narration, physical media production and more!

Ask us about our on-site event support services to prevent you from avoiding technical problems.

Business Promotion Services

Business Promotion Services

Custom Business Cards

Every business needs promotion to succeed especially yours! How do you accomplish this? With promotional products such as business cards, pens, signs, flyers, logo design, and graphic design services. You will receive a full range of business services including PDF form design. Click below to get the full range of services provided.

Brand Name Products and Services