About Multee Media Corp.

Multee Media Corp. started as a joint venture between Stewart and his business partner in early 2016. Our vision is to bring an all in one media solution to clients while at the same time offering a personal approach to delivering you a quality product. The staff at Multi Media Corp. have a long history in the web design and technology areas from previous business experience. Even though the business is small, we have a pool of sub-contractors to help out in graphic design, video, graphics, and promotional needs.

Current Team


Stewart Rathje

Executive Director, Web Designer

Stewart is the owner responsible for most projects as well as the day-to-day operations within Multee Media Corp. Stewart's education is completely self-taught and began by programming the Commodore 64. In 1995 he started to tinker with web design and computer repair as a hobby. In 2006 Stewart started designing websites for clients as a career and in 2012 starting learning about the art of photography and video production from mentors in other media organizations.




Currently doing the books and accounting.



Retired Legal Professional

Walter is a retired paralegal who comes in to the office to help out, or to offer his wisdom. Walter is also a long time client of Stewart, and now a client of Multee Media Corp.