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Media Production

Media Production

Are you struggling at taking your business to the next level? Then our media production services are your ticket to the moon.  Video production, photography, audio production recording, video editing, and media authoring will get you there.

Multee Media DSLR Video Camera

Video Production

Do you need a video produced? We will produce videos to suit your needs.  Many clients need the recording or editing of video commercials, YouTube videos, live events or interviews. If these are your needs, we have the equipment and knowledge to get the job done.  We take care of the production from start to finish.

Audio Production

What good is your video if you don't have the audio to go along with it? Utilizing high end end audio equipment, we can produce original music, media tracks, record musical ensembles, and create background audio for your video production.  We have a professional audio production team that will get the job done.

Media Authoring

We offer in-house CD/DVD production services for small and large production runs of media. We offer very competitive rates for large scale media duplication. Authoring services includes generating menus, the printing of CD/DVDs and and associated packaging, and other features required in getting you a professional product.


Often our clients will need photos of events, photos for websites, business photos, and private photography.  We also offer photo restoration services to our clients. It is no problem for us to take an old photo and restore it by using modern digital technologies.