Canadian Online Censorship – Bill C-11 almost LAW

I created this video/podcast because it will have a significant impact on all Canadians. The Trudeau Liberal Government decided back in 2020 that they would introduce Bill C-10 at the time to try to push content creators and platforms to adhere to their new set of laws that could force the platforms to promote Canadian content over other content here in Canada. The original bill died in parliament but in 2021 the Trudeau Government re-introduced the bill as C-11.

It has since passed through parliament, and made it through both readings in the senate. There is only one short committee left before it receives royal assent which is to happen on roughly November the 18th. This law will hurt all Canadians, and give more cash and bailouts to the struggling mainstream media here in Canada.

Bill C-11 will:

– Promote Canadian content to Canadians over other more useful content and or productions
– Give the CRTC power to regulate what is considered Canadian Content, and will be able to enforce their power over the big tech giants.
– Give any revenue generated from the TECH platforms to the mainstream media to keep propping up their narrative.
– Most likely will increase the costs of all streaming services here in Canada, and increase inflation across the board.
– Some content creators will likely need to register as a broadcaster, and will no longer be able to offer their services for free, or will have to take on more advertising dollars. Their content will be promoted first to Canadians, rather than other countries, where most of their viewers are.
– Independent Journalists will now be under the eye of the CRTC and I suspect the ruling party will have the ability to bury and or demonetize content that is critical of their formed government or otherwise non beneficial to them.
– Average Canadians will supposedly be exempt from these ‘online undertakings’ but the bill leaves a loop-hole in place which the government can at a later date, give instructions or make overrides as needed.