How-To Login to Your Website

Basic instructions for logging into your website designed by Multee Media Corp. This only applies to websites designed with WordPress.

It is very easy to login to your WordPress based website. Here are the instructions.

  • Open your web browser. This might be Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Etc
  • Type http://www.yourwebsite/wp-admin
  • Type your username and password that was given to you, if you don’t have it you can call to get the information. (I don’t recommend using ‘Remember Me’ in case someone else uses the same computer.)
  • Once logged in you can either administer the website as shown, or click your website link at the top right beside the ‘Home’ to view your website.
    • Note: The black WordPress bar will remain at the top of your window so long as you are logged in.
  • You can then edit pages, posts, or do other tasks!

I hope this helps!